Now that Christmas is over and family has left to go back home, we are now in the process of cleaning up and thinking about the New Year.

That is what I’m doing. I’m focusing on the New Year. Let go of all past years and make a fresh start. We all talk about resolutions, but are we really resolving anything? The answer is NO! How about we take a different look at it and maybe call it a New Me for the New Year. Look at what changes we can make within ourselves that can be a permanent change- a lifestyle change.

This change doesn’t mean you have to accomplish something big. It means you a make a small goal – something that can be accomplished and that you will stick to. It could be something like giving time to others (elderly, homeless, or children). It could be cooking a little healthier (changing one meal a week to start), and for those of us that want to lose weight, take it slow and make small goals instead of big ones. These goals are yours and it could be anything that you want and have the determination to accomplish.

Before you know it, these little changes that you make will incorporate into the lifestyle change forever. You will be helping more than you ever imagined. You will be eating healthier almost all the time, and you will lose the weight that you wanted. But remember it starts with a small change which ends as a rippling effect. Don’t get upset if it doesn’t happen right away. As long as you keep up your determination and mindset, you can accomplish any goal that you have set forth for yourself.

Determination is the key to success. I wish you best with your future success in the New Year.