Christmas Spirit

I know I wrote about Christmas last year, but this year it is a little different thanks to a conversation I had with my son.

Last night driving to dinner, my son made a comment about how it doesn’t seem like people have the Christmas spirit anymore. After this comment, I look at the houses and thought about it, and I went on to state that it may be because people today are concerned about money first whether making or having enough or plain out spending it. I went on to say that today’s society is all about giving the most expensive gift to their kids because they want to give or provide to them what they didn’t have as kids. When looking back, yes maybe our parents couldn’t afford the expensive items; however, they provided something different that I think gets missed now – Love – meaning – gratitude. Before Christmas was spending time with your family. Time that consisted of sharing, watching movies, playing games, decorating, or caroling. Gifts given were mainly gifts made from the heart not necessarily bought. It was also a time to reflect why we have Christmas and the meaning of it- the reason of the season. To remind us of the love that God has for us that he gave us a gift – his son, Jesus Christ.

This season try to put thought into your gifts. Yes, we will still buy things for our family and friends, but maybe incorporate something that was made from the heart (not bought) with thought that will show them that we care about them enough to make something special. A gift of the heart – a gift of love – a gift of thought. A gift that will express our appreciation of them being in our life. Also try to give a gift without the expectation of receiving something in return – truly a gift. Try to do something kind for someone else like paying it forward. For example- While in the drive thru line, pay the bill for the person behind you, or at the grocery in line buy a gift card and give it to a family in need. A little goes a long way, and you will feel the joy and happiness that comes with Christmas spirit because just maybe you will brighten and blessed someone’s holiday.

Christmas spirit is about giving and believing in others and yourself. It isn’t about what you are going to receive or want from others. It is about spreading love, hope, peace, and joy to others as God has given us.

Remember the reason for the season and why Jesus was the gift – the gift of love.

Merry Christmas to you and your family. May y’all be blessed with love, hope, peace, and joy this holiday season.