Mind over Matter

I read something this morning that had me thinking – “the difference between a good day and a bad day is ATTITUDE.” This is so correct. The only person that can cause us to have a bad day is ourselves. Why would you ever let someone have that much control over you to where it can cause you to say that you had a bad day. How about taking control of your own self and make that determination that no matter how hard someone tries to bring you down, you WILL NOT let them.

It is all about having MIND OVER MATTER. Tell your self that you are the only one that can determine your mood. It is you that has control over your day and its outcome. If that isn’t convincing enough, ask the Lord to help you stay straight and be empowered to make your decisions based on your circumstance and not on the determination of others.

Stand strong, proud, and know that you can make the changes that you need in order to have a good day. Just look at the sayings below that I like. They say it perfectly.