New Year – Better Me

A New Year – Better Me is my 2020 motto. This year I am going to start focusing on myself and the steps I need to achieve to develop myself and become a better me. Developing oneself is a very hard goal to accomplish as one is never perfect. It is a huge monumental goal to achieve. However, if one starts off and lays out a good foundation (outline) that list a lot of small goals, one can definitely achieve and accomplish the bigger goal.

So how does one start off laying out a good foundation. I would say that list out all of the things one would like to achieve on paper. Review this list and put them in order of what is most important to least important. Continue this outline until you have every one in its right spot. Once this done, then look at the first and list out the items that would need to accomplish that goal, and continue down to each item. For example: see a clip of my outline:

Developing myself to a Better me (title)

  • Learn to love myself
    • start off my morning by looking in the mirror and say “I love me, God loves me”
    • spend 20 minutes a day on what makes me feel good about myself (ex: read a book, crochet, exercise, etc.)
  • Spend more time with family
    • incorporate dinner at table 2 times a week
    • incorporate game night
  • Incorporate a healthy lifestyle
    • learn to cook and incorporate healthier meals
    • incorporate 30 minutes of exercise 3 times a week
    • learn how to get rid of the work/life stress

As you see this is an outline that can work. It contains small steps that will help achieve the bigger goal. What I hope to gain by following this outline is that I will become a better me  for me as well as for my family and friends. 

Hopefully for this New Year, you will be able to achieve the goals that you set forth for yourself.

Happy New Year  to a Better Me and Better You!