In the world we live in today, we are always going so fast paced trying to get everything done. We never worry about how we may be emotionally or how things affect us emotionally. There are days that sometimes we may wonder “why on earth I am here?”.  We don’t always get the answers, but always still wonder why. We also wondered what it would be like when we are gone. Will anyone really miss us?. These questions are asked daily, and are asked by the persons we would never imagine asking those questions. These questions are the silent questions that we never hear out loud. Every day someone is asking themselves these questions and they are wondering what their worth in life is. It is hard for them to see anything or anyone that shows them they are worth it, that they are loved.

Emotions are very strong, and we tend to disregard them as just being over dramatic and not take them too seriously. Well, we should. There are people out there that we know and see as a very strong person; however, they truly may not be that strong. They may be that person that presents themselves as strong because others depend and lean on them, and because of this, they feel trapped where they have no one that they can depend and lean on. Thus the beginning of emotional draining cycle that tends to never end and just keeps compounding on top of each other over and over again.

Be mindful of such a situation. Try to reach out to someone who seems to be in this vicious emotional cycle. Be there for them and let them know they can depend on you. Don’t force an answer – let it be on their own terms but stress that you are there when they are ready.