Pay it forward!

Around this time of year, we tend to be so caught up with sales and the upcoming holiday shopping that we tend to forget about what is truly important. We tend to overlook the little things in life and appreciate what we have right in front of us- our family.

Yes we argue, gripe, complain, but we also love unconditionally. The problem is that we overlook the unconditional love and support that we receive from one another until it is too late.

In a world so fast paced and constantly changing, we try to keep up with the next person. However, that next person is trying to do the same in keeping up with you. We are so worried about appearances, football games, and holiday sales. So worried that in thanksgiving, we tend to talk about what time are we getting up for Black Friday. What sales are we going to get?Not that getting a good sale is bad, but we overlook spending those precious moments with the people that we hold dear to our hearts.

I wrote previously about taking time to smell the roses and appreciating others, but in a world of today, that is all that it is – just words not action.

I set a challenge to each of you that reads this. My challenge to you is to say I love you to the ones you hold dear. Tell them thank you for everything they have done for you. Mean it – don’t just say it – put it into action. It could just be unloading the dishwasher or cooking dinner – maybe doing the laundry. Whatever it is to make that person feel your love and appreciation. Pay it forward with kindness.

We should be doing this each and every day- not just once or twice a year but everyday. Do it before it is too late to do.

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