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When life hands you Lemons???

Oh the ever pertinent phrase of “when life hands you lemons…”! Do I really need to continue. I believe everyone knows the rest, but what about it. What about life? What is life?

Well life is what we make of it! Yep, we all look at it and wonder, but really, do we need to? Life is truly a gift given to us to shape, mold, grow, and nurture. It is not given to us with expectations already in place with an instructional guide in how we are manage and live it. If that was the case, we would truly be puppets being strung around by our puppet masters. Now, What kind of life would that be?

Life is like a plant or garden. We must sow the seed, feed and water it daily, nurture it (sometimes talk and play music), and weed it when necessary. How else do you expect a plant to blossom and bear fruit or flowers? We have to tend to it. If we don’t, then what happens. It will soon start to wither and then eventually die. Leaves start turning colors and start drying out, but once you start back at tending to it, it will start to grow back. Life is not different from a garden, and we should treat it with the same care as we do anything else that matters to us.

God gave us this wonderful life in hopes that we will live it to our fullest potential. He will not give us anymore than we can handle. Remember this is our life, and God expects us to maintain it and to nurture. He expects us to take care and to tend to it daily. Life should not be taken for granted, nor should we have the expectation that someone else will take care of it for us. If we have the expectation of wanting our life to be displayed as a wonderful and beautiful part of us, then we must make sure that we do the steps that are necessary to help provide for such a life. Make the best of it.

Our life may be like Lemons at time, and when that is the case, we should just take those Lemons and make something beautiful and sweet out of something that is sour.

Below is a little food for thought and laughter!

lemon joke

life garden quote            tree garden

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