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Let the adventures continue…

Does one ever think about what or where life will take them? I am looking at the this book right now, and it states on the cover, “Let the Adventures Begin!” I am just realizing to myself, What adventure am I on? Where do I go? Where will I land? I know the purpose of purchasing this book was for a new adventure on one aspect of my life, but is that one adventure, the only adventure of my life. Will there be others? Hmmm… I sit back and wondered, and then I realized that I have gone through many adventures in my life. I gone through the adventures of growing up and getting through high school, and then getting married and having children. Children is one big huge adventure in itself. It is an adventure that no one ever thinks of until it happens. Then I had the adventure of going back to school to get my bachelors degree, making new friends, and how that adventure has led me on to other adventures.

I am in the store looking for a little journal or a small notebook that is going to help me get organized for that next adventure in my life, and I just reflected back on all the adventures in my life. Did we ever appreciate the little aspects, different adventures in our lives? The different adventures that we go on. Yeah, one might be thinking of adventures as the vacations that they go on or where they are going to go next,  but look at it a little different. Look at it as different parts of one’s  life as different adventures, and be able to draw on things from each adventure of what one took from it. What does one remember? What does one remember in their adventures of growing up, and going through the years. Like for me, Camp, camp was probably the biggest adventure for me during that time frame of my life. Yes, one may say it was like a vacation, but to me, it was a place where I can go and see my friends every year in that one spot. When I mean friends, I mean friends from different parts of the United States and world who did not live close to me. It was where we had a week full of adventures, stories, games, learning, studying, having fun, letting go, and being carefree for that one week. Then we would leave and return to our hometowns and prepare for the upcoming school year, our next adventure in life.

High school is an adventure for most. What might seem like an eternity while going to school, we later on realize that it went by too fast. That was a time where one would enjoy friends, games, dances, and just being a teenager. It was a time that one usually did not stress about anything. One may be even considered it as being carefree. Then came the adventure of graduation and what happens after. Some went to college. Some got married and started a family. This is the next adventure in one’s life – becoming an adult. Each adventure that happened afterward was just like a continuation of the adventure before.

This little journal made me reflect about all the adventures that I had in my life. Hmmm…. LIFE! Adventure is not just one thing and let me go on vacation and have fun. Adventure, it was every little aspect of our life that we are able to remember upon. One piece that made it special or carefree where one did not have to worry.  Just in that one moment of time. So when one looks upon their adventures, one should also look at all the adventures that they have accomplished, and then appreciate those adventures. I hope instead of just letting one’s adventures begin, one will say that their adventure continues because it will always continue going on a different adventure, whether good or bad.

So look at your life’s adventures, and see how your adventure continues. Look to the future to see what adventures you are going to do next. Remember instead of letting them begin, continue on the adventures you have at hand, and look back at the one you have accomplished and appreciate them and appreciate what you are about to do.

Have fun, enjoy, be carefree, let go. LET GO and continue on your adventure.