I know I haven’t written in quite some time. I guess life has gotten in the way. It is so funny that I even write this. Yes I have been busy, but don’t we always say this = ‘Life gets in the way’ or ‘Life Happens!’ Do you ever wonder what  life really is? Of course there is the “Webster Dictionary” definition, but what about our definition. What about our view? Do you ever wonder what your definition of life is? Ponder on that thought for a little bit, and think truly of what you value as life.

LIFE! Life to me is like the air I breathe. It is the morning light peering through the window and wakening your soul up.  It is the sound of the wind gently blowing across your face. The laughter and sometime the arguments of your family while enjoying each others company.  Life is love. Closely look at the world, and you will see that life is all around you – birds chirping in the morning, dragonflies and butterflies gently floating through the air, flowers opening up to the sun, people on the move.

You see life is what we perceive it to be. It can be a physical aspect as well as emotional, or spiritual aspect. When we decide to look at things in a different perspective and value the life of such perspective, we then have a greater value or sense of what life is. Look at your life, but through different lens so that you can see its beauty and love. When you look at your family, don’t just see them – look at them and view their beauty, view their love and innocence. For one day, Life will be no more than a memory.

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