Self Doubt & Self Confidence

We all have been there at some point in our day, week,  or month, where we tell ourselves – “I Can’t”. It seems to come to us naturally to always say whenever we try to do something outside of our comfort zones. The last couple of weeks I have been known to say this when working out at Boot Camp. I also say to myself – “why on earth are you doing this to yourself?” I know it is such a silly question to ask oneself — WHY? Seriously though, why? Do we purposely try to set ourselves up for failure, or is it self-doubt because we do not like to try to do anything that pushes us or that is hard for us. Well here is my story – on self doubt and self-confidence.

The reason that I started this journey in life and signed up for a Boot Camp class was I was to incorporate a change within myself. Change for the better health wise and physical wise. Now to put at ease on the healthwise, I am pretty healthy on paper. I am only on two maintenance medications which one I can never come off of and the other as a precautionary due to family history. However, I needed to make the change regardless of my reasons. Doing so, I also realized that a change has to be made within myself (mentally) too. Some of you may wonder – “what in the world is she talking about?”. Well here is my thought process.

I had to change my outlook and tell myself that I need to get healthy – physically and emotionally (mentally). The physical aspect is trying to get into shape and losing weight, but it is also making the first step which is part mentally as well. How can I get into shape if I don’t get in the car, and drive to the playground for the boot camp class. Also, how can I get into car and physically go to the gym if I don’t tell myself mentally to get up and go. See they work hand in hand. However it may be, I took the first step and mentally and physically went to class.

Now I am class and starting to workout and what do I tell myself – I can’t do this or omg what did I do to myself, and why am I doing this? My daughter the whole time is saying, “Yes you can”. As you can see, I am putting up mental roadblocks for myself, but before you know 60 minutes done came and gone. Now I am sore, sore, and sore. I did this for like three classes. Do I stop there? NO, I return to torture myself more, but this time, I am learning to say I CAN do this. I CAN DO THIS. JUST A LITTLE BIT MORE. I CAN. I CAN. Before you know 60 minutes done came and gone, and yes I am sore, sore, and sore. However, I feel good mentally and little physically. Then days turn into weeks, and if you continue, it will turn into months, and then years. All because you told yourself – I CAN DO THIS. I CAN DO THIS.

The point of my story is that if we continue to tell ourselves that we can’t do something, we will eventually shut down and not do anything. But if we can just learn to tell ourselves – I CAN DO THIS and I CAN MAKE IT, before you know if you have completed the class, race, or any other goal/job that is put before you. By continually to tell yourself – I CAN, you will start to believe that you can, and start to change your mental attitude.  I leave you with a few quote/images below to reflect upon. These are so true in every aspect of our lives. Learn to be positive and start the change within yourself, and remember to INHALE Confidence and EXHALE Doubt.

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