Do you ever get frustrated with people or just at plain things? I know I do. Do you ever just sit there and wondered why people expect the things that they feel they should have? I do! Do you ever get frustrated when others expect for you to bend over backwards to accommodate their needs and wants??? I DO!!!!!

What I don’t quite understand is where people think that they are above or more important than anyone else. Who ever appointed them as “PRIORITY” or a “VERY IMPORTANT PERSON”. The last time I checked they weren’t GOD and not the person that signs my paycheck or do my work or have contracts over me. I am a person, a human being.

Yes I said it- they are not more important than anyone else in my life or God. So how dare they make demands and think they can get away with it. Sometimes I like for them to get a dose of their own medication. Just to feel what it is like to walk in my shoes. However that isn’t me. I don’t want to wish harm or meanness on anyone ( but will secretly smirk when it happens). What I want is for them to understand that they are no more important than the next person.

Maybe that is the problem with the world – we (myself included) delude ourselves into thinking that we are better and more important than next person. Yes we are important and should always think that way, but we are not better and should not hold ourself in more esteem or as more important than any other human being. We should look at ourselves as equal.

Maybe just maybe we should look at our frustrations in a different light. I was wondering what caused my frustrations. When I asked myself that question, I wondered about my answer. What can I do to help eliminate this frustration? Well I if took good notes in my stress relief class, I would start doing yoga; however that is not practical in the middle of the day in jeans. Well I did the next best thing that my professor advised, control breathing— breathe in, hold, and exhale. BREATHE IN, HOLD, EXHALE…. did that, it help but frustration was still there but I’m a little more relaxed now. Hah!

Well back to thinking about what caused the frustration- so I know what caused it but how can I move on – move forward – practice of letting go. EASIER SAID THAN DONE! After stewing a few hours I was thinking of how I can handle the situation. Trying to think of something positive to help me get over it. Well not to get into details, I did it. It help, but will it resolve the issue? No, it won’t, but it will help me be at ease.

One thing that helped me was reading some inspirational quotes. One said that don’t wait for others to change because more than likely they won’t, but look at what you can do and make the change even if that means walking away. This is really a strong statement but it is true. Why wait and continue to be frustrated? Take control and don’t let them have this power over you. Make that change or better yet …..

psalm 55:22 says

…. cast your burdens unto the lord and. he will sustain you …..

I will leave you with this quote. Hopefully, we can control our outcome and not accept the invitation of frustration.

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