Has anyone ever stated about how their experience was the most wonderful thing and when you tried it, it was the most horrible experience you ever encountered.

Well normally that would be me. Well I have tried essential oils. DoTerra, and trust me I was not a believer. So every time someone would say try this oil for that or this oil for this, I would think “yeah okay” and roll my eyes. However, much to my surprise, I tried them and YES they really DO WORK.

Not only did I try, but started using them on a regular basis – mostly to continue to see if they work. I tried different roll on recipes from motivation to stress less (which I can’t get enough of), to allergy relief to ear ache and colds.

I even gave my sister-in-law some so she can try it out to give me her experiences. Needless to say she doesn’t leave the house without her ‘anger management’ and ‘stress less’ roller bottles.

However, I was most impressed with how the oils worked with my edema issue in Disney World. You see I have bad (poor) circulation in my legs. So bad that after walking in Disney for over 12 hours (most of you know exactly what I mean), my legs were both swelling and started to blood pool above my ankles on the side and back of my legs. My aunt who is an RN told me to elevate my legs (good thing) and apply my DoTerra essential oils. So I applied DoTerra’s eucalyptus and serenity blend on my legs. The next morning I couldn’t believe my eyes and the improvement. To understand fully, four years ago I had this happen when I took my kids to Disney, but my legs never got better even with elevating them every night. It took about two weeks before they got better. So much to my surprise- I rubbed the oils every night and elevated them and by the time I got home you couldn’t tell that I had Edema. (See pictures for yourself- I just wish I would have taken them on the first day for full effect)

See experiences are a wonderful thing whether good or bad. We learned from our experiences whether at work, church, socially, or personally. Where would we be if we didn’t go through life experiencing different things. We would never know what we like or don’t like, if something works or don’t work, or the type of person you are today.

So remember the next time you come across an experience or if someone asks you to try something- DO IT because you never know what you might learn or experience.

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