The Unknown 

You ever wonder about wanting to do something but feel afraid that you just might fail. I do! I do all the time. 

The unknown or uncertainty keeps creeping up and causing you to doubt yourself. However you still have that nudge within yourself that says – ‘you can do this’. This is how I feel right now. I feel this uncertainty as I am embarking on something new and exciting. Yes there are doubters out there, but I’m moving on and continuing on this path that in the end it will be fruitful. 

As with any uncertainty, there comes the risk. But if we don’t take the risk – what do we say to ourselves. Are you being safe? or are you doubting yourself and your abilities? Life is all about risks. Whether you know it or not – know this, you take a risk just waking up in the morning. We have to live life. Live life to the fullest. Yes we will make bad choices and make mistakes. After all we are human. We must remember to have this faith and belief in God and ourselves that we can overcome anything that is laid in our path.

Here is to me and my new adventure. I know it will be an adventure because after all I am jumping into the unknown, but with God as my co- pilot and of course some  mentors too, I can face and overcome anything.

Wish me luck and wish luck for yourself as everyday is an unknown adventure that is to be conquered.

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