After reading some touching and emotional stories, it made me realize that  I should learn to forgive without expecting the acceptance of my forgiveness. Even though I may forgive, It is not to be forgotten, but to be remembered so that I may learn from it and hope to teach others what not to do.

I also realize that continuing to harbor any ill feelings I may have towards another person isn’t good for one health, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Harboring those feelings can also spew into hate, and we should not be hating one another. We should be loving one another. We need to let go of all the hate, all the negativity, all the things the block us from being happy and capable of loving. We need to forgive one another and mostly ourselves.

When we truly forgive, we can let go of all the negativity that we held within ourselves and let in the peace and harmony. Your well being will be at peace. You will have the burdens that you carried lifted off if your shoulders. What an amazing feeling that will be.

To truly forgive, we must learn what it is and what it isn’t. Look within yourself and ask why are you holding on to this? What is it doing to me? Will I continue to let this drag me down? Once you can answer those questions, you can start to let go and realize it is okay and you can forgive.

Remember God wants us to love one another, not hate each other. He doesn’t want us to tear each other down. That was not his intention for us. His intention for us was to have friendships with him and one another. We cannot do that until we learn to forgive like God has forgiven us.

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