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My Meaning of Christmas

As everyone wakes up to open their gifts. The joy and anticipation of what you are about to receive just shows the excitement like a little child with sparkles  in their eyes. But do you think about the reasoning as to why you receive the gift.

Christmas has the meaning of giving and receiving. The meaning started long ago with the birth of Jesus Christ. The reason – God wanted to give us a gift that we could and believe in his gift that we could have the chance of everlasting life. This was the greatest gift that anyone could give and receive. God gave his son to us. The only thing that God ask of us is to believe in his son Jesus and accept his gift into our heart so that we can live with them and have everlasting lift.

So when you are opening your gifts, yes you are excited about what you are about to receive; but they are materialistic items that gives us happiness for a little while. The true gift should be that your are surrounded by your loves ones and enjoying the time you have on this earth with them. Life and family is precious. So when you are opening your gift, think about the person that given it to you- not about how much they spent on the gift but about who they are. Think about the love that the person is giving to you and the love you are receiving. Materialistic items are just that materials, but love is love and will always remain as love.

Love God. Love Jesus. Love your family. Love your neighbors. Love your friends. Love yourself.

Merry Christmas to you and your family. Enjoy this day by just spending quality time with your family and friends.