Wife and Mom sacrifice 

As parents we seem to sacrifice ourselves for the betterment of our spouse and children. Often at times we forget about the betterment of ourselves and our needs. If we do not take care of ourselves, who will? Yes we say our spouses and kids but will they.

As a mom, I am in a constant struggle of maintaining time for myself while attending to the needs of my family. Yes our family appreciates it even though they do not always express it. What our family does not understand is that we are servants to everyone but ourselves, and the job, YES job, is a 24 hour job with literally NO PAY- money that is. Our form of pay is seeing how we were able to raise or support our children to better themselves in the society we live. See our sacrifice. We support our husband to better himself without even recognizing how this would affect you. See our sacrifice.

Sacrifice is a huge part of being a parent and spouse. However it is rewarding when you see your children grow up to be responsible and caring adults and succeed, and see your spouse succeed in his accomplishments. Hopefully your children and spouse will one day understand and appreciate all these sacrifices. But let us not forget to take time out for yourself.

Remember to set time aside so you can recharge and continue to be the backbone of your family. What good would you be to your family if you cannot be good to yourself? It is okay to be a little selfish at times, and good for your family to see the importance of your role in their life. They will learn to appreciate you more than they already do.

Remember to take time for yourself.