Do you ever have that feeling where everything is so surreal you feel happy and content? It is like at that very moment, your world and everything in it is at peace. There are days that I feel that there is nothing more that I could possibly want in life as I feel contented with the way things are at this particular moment. So happy, that I am at peace with myself.

What is said about Happiness? I know it is a feeling that a person expresses in any particular moment, or what mental capacity of a well-being mainly positive. Even though I have experienced different emotions throughout today, I still have the feeling of contentment. Just to have the feeling within me is beyond what one may imagine. When I reflect on things in my life, I realize that there is nothing more that I want except for the well-being and happiness of my family.You may be saying right now that money can buy happiness, but actually, I would say you are wrong. It may buy you happiness in that one instant; however, you will find that on the next day what made you happy then will not make you happy today.

Back to the fact of matter, happiness cannot be bought. Happiness is something that we must found within ourselves. How can we be happy with things around us if we cannot be happy with our own self? One must ask themselves what would make them happy – truly happy so much so that you are at peace and contented with yourself. Some of the things that you can help achieve the status of happiness is to start letting go – Let go of the things that burden you down. Stop stressing the small stuff. Start LOVING more. SMILE. Be KIND. Learn to FORGIVE. If someone gives you LEMONS, MAKE LEMONADE.

If we can just start with loving ourselves and others, and portraying the true meaning of kindness, and learning to forgive yourself and others, you will start to achieving happiness within yourself. Stop being your own roadblock. –  START ACHIEVING HAPPINESS.


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