Today’s post is being dedicated to a special person who I hold dear to my heart.

I know I was going to write about happiness, but I think that writing about Believe would give us a better outlook today and for the future of our happiness.

BELIEVE – what is it? where does it come from? Just like love, Believe has different meanings, and based on these meaning will depend on how we apply it. Believe is to accept something as truth or to feel sure of the truth -OR- to have faith in something. But where does it come from – it comes from within ourselves. Look at yourself and ask – what do you believe in? I believe in God. I believe in mankind. I believe in my family. I believe in myself. I also believe that I can achieve anything and do anything with the grace of God.In today’s time, we seem to forget how powerful believing can be. Believe is a powerful word.

With everything going on in the world, I can understand how it can be difficult at times. Whatever struggles that you may face in your life, you must believe and know that God is always with you. Remember the poem, Footprints. Footprints is a reflection of how God is with you at all times even when you are at your lowest point and may not believe he is there. But indeed God is there – he is there carrying you through your struggles. We each have our own struggles. Some are harder than others; however, it does not mean that we should stop believing in ourselves and believing in God.

Just like a child, close your eyes and say BELIEVE – say I BELIEVE. Just saying the words could just be enlightening. As a child who believes in Santa Claus, and to wake up the next morning to see the presents that Santa left for him. We can believe just like that. BELIEVE that you will overcome any obstacle that is set before you. BELIEVE that God will not give you more than what you can handle or endure. God knows your strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes in life we have to go through these obstacles to enforce the belief we have in him.