Today has been a long day, but I am now able to post. At first, I was wondering what to write about – happiness, believe, love, but when I started thinking about writing on happiness, I was like well that goes hand in hand with love just like believing. So I am going to write about Love and save Happiness for another day.

What is love? Do you really know what Love is and have you really experienced it? The textbook definition of love is so broad. Love has so many meanings like have an affection for another, sexual attraction, devotion. However, there is another meaning that is more powerful than the others – unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another and a person’s adoration of God.

In today’s world, we say we love ourselves, but do we truly do love ourselves? Do we love ourselves as God loves us? Do we love others as God intended for us to do? More than likely not, we tend to be selfish. Loving yourself and others is an unselfish act. When loving others, you have to put their needs, their feelings above yourself. As a mother, I love my children but I can be selfish at times; however, when it comes to a stranger, I can admit that no, I do not always show any compassion for which I am wrong. I should be helping others that need help. I should be loving them as God loves us. This does not mean that you put yourself in harms way, but extend the olive branch to them.

Love is helping – offering our services for those that are in need. For our elderly in nursing homes to homeless centers, as a society, we should show that we care and have humanity, and have compassion while respecting them because they have feelings just like you and me. This world needs more love in it, and the only way that will happen is by us making the change, feeling compassion and having humanity.

Start loving today as God love us – without discrimination. IF we can start loving ourselves and others, then we will then experience happiness and peace.




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