Today I am reflecting on my past posts, Dread and Hope & Inspiration. I did leave you hanging on what decision I was going to make, Do I Stay or Do I go. Not every decision is an easy decision to make – like what flavor coffee will I have today or Do or Don’t clean my house today? In fact, most of our decision-making really do take on a more complex way of thinking. With that note, My decision – I stayed.

Now I know you are probably wanting to know what that decision refers to, but that will remain a secret. However, I made this decision on what was best for me after praying for guidance and clarity. I know that whether I stayed or go there would be some form of repercussions, but that is okay. I am prepared for that, and somewhat that is a good thing. Without some form of struggles in your life, you would not be the person you are today. Struggles or obstacles help us learn how to cope, gain wisdom and knowledge, and remind us that we are not perfect. Struggling also help reinforce our belief in God. On my decision, I prayed to God to help me and also to help take the worrying away. By doing this, I was able to focus on why I had to make the decision in the first place, and to also look at the big picture and break it down into little glass pieces to give me more insight.

Reflecting back on this decision, I know first hand that I made the right one. Do I still struggle and question? Yes, I do, but I am human and far from perfect. We will constantly struggle and question every decision we make, but with our faith, hope, and inspiration, I can confidently tackle that struggle and overcome any obstacle that is put before me.

Remember it is a good thing to reflect. Reflection gives us the opportunity to review what we have done, make the changes, and move forward. Hopefully our reflections are positive, but sometimes it will be negative. On the negative reflections, don’t reflect too long, but ask yourself, how can you improve or better yourself/situation.

I hope that after you read this you can take a moment and reflect on your life. I know I will be doing the same.

John Dewey says it best – “We do not learn from experience… we learn from reflecting on experience.”

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