I know I haven’t been on here for a while, but I am back. Life has a way of throwing nice little curve balls at you, but do you have the capability to knock that curve ball out the park. I know it is difficult at time, but YOU CAN DO IT.

Let us look at the word, Blessed. What does it mean to you? Blessed can take on many definitions dependent upon how it is used. For me, I’m blessed. I mean that God has given me many fortunes in my life. Now of course I do not mean monetary. I mean that God has given me fortune such as my family, husband and children, my knowledge, and my capacity to achieve anything that I can put my mind to achieve.

As a mother, I have been blessed to raise my children into the wonderful adults that they are. Now with that, they now live their own lives and make their own decisions. Does it make me feel not needed? Of course it does, but I have to remember that I have provided to them the knowledge and guidance that will help them succeed and motivate them in their life. This is really hard at times, but when I look at them, I have emotions filling me with pride. I am proud of them. This is when I realize that my working this chapter, although never finished, is done. Now I can continue to the next chapter.

This my friends is the true blessing in life, FAMILY. 

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