Yesterday, I wrote about dread, and how I dreaded on the making a difficult decision. Even though I have not made my decision yet, I am hoping that will love, support, and guidance from myself and my love ones that I will be able to make the correct decision. I have hope. HOPE. Hope that I will follow my dreams. HOPE that i do the right things in life and make the right decisions. HOPE that my children will follow their dreams. HOPE that our lives will be filled with happiness, love, and joy.

HOPE…. what is the definition of HOPE? I can say that the true definition of hope is to trust in, wait for something or someone. It is also known as the expectation of something beneficial in the future. What do you hope for? love, job, promotion, family. I hope for so many things, but are they really important? How do we decide what is important to us when it comes to hoping for something beneficial. Figuring out what is important to us when we are trying to decide could be looked at as a form of hope. I would say because when we start talking about the important things that matter to us, we tend to look at the what we expect for those things. For example, our family is important, and when we look at our family, we tend to have hope for them. Hope to succeed in life. Hope that they find happiness and joy. Hope that their future is what they hope for.

HOPE also translates to inspiration. Inspiration is the process of being motivated to do something. Hope is giving me the motivation that I need to take on life’s challenges and accomplishing them. As I said yesterday, the biggest challenges becomes the greatest rewards. Hope has giving me the inspiration to take on the next challenges of my life. What will hope do for you? Look at yourself and see if you have any hope that could inspire you to do something great. As in the image below and stated by Christopher Reeves, “Once you choose HOPE, anything is possible.”

Have HOPE and be INSPIRED….


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